"Run Run Rudolph" By Chuck Berry. Performed by Lemmy Kilmister, Billy Gibbons & Dave Grohl    

Type: Indica-dominant (approx. 60%/40%)

24K Gold  =  Kosher Kush  X  Tangie  

a.k.a. – 24K, Kosher Tangie

Original breeder is
DNA Genetics.


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Delivery Method Used(s):
Clean, glass dab rig and a quartz nail

Net Weight:

Purchase Price:
$60, + tax

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Cannabinoids Profile
THCa 84.05%; THC 2.59%; CBDa 0%; CBD 0.27%  (LK Pure Labs)

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Physical Characteristics:
Khaki colored, juicy fresh and as soft as room temp butter.

Terpene Profile:
I did not request the lab report for this product, so I will not be providing its specific terpenes. 

In its intact state, this budder emitted powerful fresh orange zest followed by pine and earth. When dabbed, I tasted fresh orange along with dank lemon and light pine notes from the Kush side.

TIPS: Low temperature dabbing is mandatory to achieve the most flavorful and potent experience. To learn about terpenes, see the Terpenes Library.

I found these effects to be a potent yet laid back high. If you’ve tried the Tangie strain, then imagine a more sedative version of the Tangie experience. This one won’t put you down and out; your senses will heighten and you will be functional, though not ready for complex tasks. There is a nice crash at the end. For newbies and novice users, there is high probability for couch lock.

Duration of Effects:
2.5-3+ hours

May Help With:
Helped with mood. May also help with G.I. discomfort, nerve pain and other mild-to-moderate pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD, nausea, insomnia (and more).

The 24K strain is a perfect candidate for an extract.

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24K Gold Budder

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officer Dick Downey's Pot Report Marijuana / Cannabis Concentrate / Wax Product Review

Case: 24K Gold Budder (extract)  


File Date: 12/19/2018

Case No: 0249