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4 Kings

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Case: 4 Kings (flower)  


File Date: 10/23/2019

Case No: 0316


"When Did You Stop Lovin' Me?" By George Strait

Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid (% breakdown unknown)

Genotype:  4 Kings  =  Triple OG  X  L.A. OG Kush

The original breeder of this strain is Exotic Genetix.

Cultivator: Revolution

Purchased On: 10/07/2019​

Packaged On:

Manufactured On:

Delivery Method Used(s):
Clean, glass pipe

Net Weight:
1.75g, or a half an eighth 

Purchase Price:
$30, + tax 

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Cannabinoids Profile
THCa 26.68%; THC 0.60%; CBDa 0%; CBD 0%  (LK Pure Labs)

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Phenotype Profile:
Bright greens overrun with orange pistils.  
          Bud Density: 4.25 [1-5]​

Terpene Profile:
The label lists the terpenes profile for this flower, as follows:

ElemeneLimonene; LinaloolBeta-Myrcene;  (LK Pure Labs)

In their intact state, these buds smelled of sweet earth and pine with sour notes. Once ground, I smelled assertive sour, earthy pine with spice wisps. When smoked, I tasted spicy sweetness, pine and earth. This one made the eyes water and the lungs expand. For me, this was a cough-inducing OG.     

: To learn about terpenes, see the Terpenes Library.

 It begins as a generous dose of cerebral euphoria. Powerful waves wash over you as the high keeps climbing. As you reach its plateau, your body will loosen and become tranquil. A classic, potent OG experience.  ​

Duration of Effects:
2 hours

May Help With:
Helped with mood and cervical pain. May also help with a range of pain management, depression, anxiety (in lower doses), creative inspiration, nausea, appetite  (and more)  ​

A powerhouse OG combo done right.       

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