About the Product Reviews

IMPORTANT: The effects, duration and peak times noted in these reviews can vary from person to person, sometimes significantly. The information offered in each review may not always reflect the experiences of others. One's interpretation of a product's euphoric effects, for example, is subjective to some degree. 

Product Photos: All product photos are produced & owned by this site unless otherwise cited and/or credited.  

About the Site

The sole purpose of this website is to serve the medical cannabis patient and cannabis community at large. 

Integrity and accuracy are the first priorities of this site. Equally important is the site's use of humor and satire as a conduit for useful and entertaining content.

The cannabis product reviews on this site adhere to a consistent set of defined criteria. These reviews strive to provide the reader with specific and accurate data organized for quick and easy readability, which can be found in the "Analysis" section of every review.

The analyses of these products are based on the reviewer's  3+ decades of experience with cannabis. The reader may or may not agree with the assessment of a product. 
However, readers can be assured that each review is designed to be as objective as is humanly possible and is not influenced in any way by the product's manufacturer. 

About the Rating Scale

The 1-5 rating scale used on this site is defined as follows:

1 = Not acceptable. Does not meet any of the minimum quality standards for a medical-grade product.

2 = Does not meet all of the minimum quality standards for a medical-grade product.

3 = Satisfactory/Good. Meets all quality markers for a medical-grade product.

4 = Very Good/Excellent. Exceeds the minimum quality standards for a medical-grade product in one or more areas.

5 = Outstanding. A perfect example. Master level product in every way.

5+ = Breaks the scale. Beyond perfect. One of the best examples ever encountered. The 1%. 

Quality Standards Defined

These are the formal Quality Standards that I identify and assess for all of the products I review:

-Physical Characteristics

-Purity / quality of ingredients

-Aroma & Flavor attributes (Terpenes Profile)

-Effects & Potency


**Price is not a factor when determining rating.