NOTES: This bud is part of a Bedford Grow Flower Sampler, which includes a gram each of an Indica, Hybrid and Sativa flower. Bud selection in this sampler could not have been better; each sample contained a single, 1g bud with just a tiny piece to make weight. 

Type: Sativa-dominant Hybrid (Unsure of % breakdown)

Genotype:  AfWreck Princess  =  Unknown Afghani X  Trainwreck  X  Space Queen

Trainwreck = Thai (s)  X  Mexican (s)  X  Afghani (i)            Space Queen = Cinderella 99  X  Romulan

Cultivator: Bedford Grow

Date Purchased: 11/12/2016

Delivery Method(s) Used: Clean glass pipe

Cannabinoids Profile: THCa 19.02%; THC .39%; CBDa 0%; CBD 0% (LK Pure Labs)

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Phenotype Profile: This well-trimmed and cured hybrid bud exhibited lots of mid-green tones and orange hairs, which were all blanketed in a frosty coating of trichs.          
      Bud Density: 4   [1 -5]

Terpene Profile: In its intact state, this 1g bud gave off very mild aromas of earth, herbal notes and a very slight pungent sweetness. Once ground, citrus sourness, earth and pungent pine are revealed. When smoked, this bud tasted of pungent, sweet earth with distinct perfume notes - almost opium-like, on the exhale.

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Effects: Like its genetics and terpenes, this bud’s effects are also complex. I would describe this as a true creeper experience. At first, it’s a mellow high, but after about 10-15 minutes the big reveal starts to happen. The effects become much more cerebral and intense over time. There’s also a little spaciness mixed in, especially at higher dosage. This type of complexity is never a bad thing, though; it was a pleasant and unique experience. There is a chance for raciness and/or anxiety at high doses.

Duration of Effects: 2 hours

May Help With: Helped with mood and post-operative pain. May also help with stress, depression, appetite, fatigue, mild-to-moderate body and nerve pain (and more)

Rating: 4/5
Another top quality genetics mash-up by Bedford Grow. Especially recommended for the adventurous or bored.  

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Case: Afwreck Princess (flower)  


File Date: 11/22/2016

Case No: 0068

Afwreck Princess Flower

product packaging. A four inch high white plastic pill bottle with a blue twist off top.
product photo. A large oval shaped bud that is well-trimmed and cured and exhibits lots of mid-green tones and orange hairs, which are all blanketed in a frosty coating of trichs.

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