​​Alpha-Bisabolol May Help in Treating Or in Acting As:

antimycotic - a potent inhibitor of fungi, Candida albicans and gram-positive bacteria

reduces inflammation

anti-microbial & anti-bacterial


possible anti-oxidant

There is some debate as to whether Alpha-Bisabolol is helpful or harmful in treating cancer​

Possible Medicinal Properties: Alpha-Bisabolol has anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties, as well as antimycotic and antibacterial effects

15      26     

Flavor Profile:  slightly floral

Scent Profile: : light sweet-floral, wood, peppery. Also coconut, fruity, nutty

C        H      O 

NOTE: Categorized as a  'Secondary' terpene in cannabis.


Also referred to 'Levomenol', Alpha-Bisabolol is known to possess anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and is used in many cosmetic formulas. Bisabolol is used many medicinal applications because it is known to help the absorption of many other types of molecules. 

Found In (partial list):  German chamomile, tropical shrub candeia​, cannabis