Borneol May Help in Treating Or in Acting As:​​

anti-inflammatory and analgesic:Study 1,Study 2

anti-anxiety: Study 1

anti-coagulant​: Study 1,Study 2

neuroprotectant: Study 1

might even lower the blood-brain-barrier: Study 1

Possible Medicinal Properties: Borneol is currently being researched for its possible medicinal value in treating everything from stress to heart disease. 

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NOTES: Categorized as a  'Secondary' terpene in cannabis. There are two different "versions" of Borneol:  'D-Borneol' and 'L-Borneol, which are both found in nature.

Found In (partial list):  Mugwort, wormwood, sagebrush, aromatic ginger, golden aster, Callicarpa, Dipterocarpaceae, Blumea balsamifera, cannabis


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Scent Profile: : Mint, camphor, menthol

Borneol is a terpene in cannabis that happens to be used widely in traditional Chinese medicine. Commonly referred to as 'Moxa', this terpene has been used in China since the 1600s to reduce pain,  inflammation and anxiety, and to even address heart disease. 

Flavor Profile: : menthol, mint