Cannalope Kush 500mg Cartridge

product packaging. A six inch by three inch foil ziplock pouch with Nature's Grace's logo on a black background.
product photo. An eye level close up shot of the vape cartridge, which is holding a golden oil with a stainless steel mouth piece.

Case: Cannalope Kush 500mg Cartridge (cannabis vape oil)  


File Date: 08/23/2017

Case No: 0140

Pen Type: 500mg Cartridge   

Method of Extraction: Carbon dioxide (C02)

About CO2 Extraction
Carbon Dioxide, or CO2, occurs naturally in our environment: whenever we breathe, with decomposition, and even through ocean release. We find CO2 in our sodas and it’s used as an industrial solvent for creating everything from food extracts to fragrances. It’s known as ‘dry ice’ in its solid form. CO2 is considered safe by the FDA and non-toxic. In the cannabis industry, it is often referred to as a ‘green solvent’. 

The generic process is typically referred to as ‘supercritical CO2 extraction’ whereby CO2 is converted to its supercritical state (i.e., having liquid properties while remaining in a gaseous state) by applying very cold temps and pressure and is then used as a solvent to strip the resinous trichomes from the cannabis plant material. All of which occurs in a sophisticated CO2 extraction machine. In addition to supercritical extraction, other methods are also used, such as distillation.

Form: Cannabis Vape Oil, manufacturer labels it as their "Clear Oil"

Sativa-dominant Hybrid (approx.70%/30%)  

Genotype:  Cannalope Kush  =  Cannalope Haze  X  OG 18

Cannalope Haze = Mexican Landrace  X Original Haze

The original breeder is DNA Genetics.  2009 & 2010 CC winner.    

Nature’s Grace and Wellness

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Net Weight of Cannabis Oil in Pen:
500mg (1/2 g)

Purchase Price:
$55, + tax

I do not identify dispensaries in my reviews. However, if you want to know the shop that's offering this pricing, I will provide it to anyone who requests it.

Delivery Method(s) Used:
Vape pen

On package, “Cannabis CO2 Oil, Terpenes”  The manufacturer has informed me that 88-93% of the cartridge contains the CO2-derived cannabis oil, of which the remaining 12-7% are terpenes. There are no other thinning agents included besides the terpenes.

Cannabinoids Profile:
THCa 9.32%; THC 76.50%; CBDa .49%; CBD .84%; CBG 1.36%; CBN .25% (LK Pure Labs)

To learn how you can use this cannabinoids data to better your health, see the Cannabinoids Library.

This vape cartridge must be charged and then attached to a lithium-ion battery to use it. Your dispensary will provide the battery and charger for free with your purchase. The cartridge fits any standard 510 thread.

Performance & Reliability:
Out of all the various cultivators’ vape cartridges I’ve tried, these performed the best. Not one clog, from start to finish. Offered full clouds with no clogging or any malfunctioning at all.

Usage Stats:
In general, a 500mg cartridge usually lasts between 80-150 total hits. This cartridge is on track to fall in the 80-90 total hits range

For the basics on how a vape pen works, see my Vape Pen Quick Reference.

Terpenes Profile:
I have requested the lab report for this product. will provide the specific terpene levels when/if I get the labs.  

Cannalope Kush flower typically expresses sweet, fruit (not citrus family) and earth notes. I definitely detected the sweet melon fruitiness. The flavors were quite present. Overall, I found the flavor translation from flower to oil to be pretty good. 

There are a variety of ways that flavor is determined in vape oil. For example, the extract engineer might have a process during manufacturing wherein they try to retain as much of the original terpenes as possible in the final product. Or, as some producers are doing now, the oil is fortified with additional terpenes to either intensify the flavors and/or medicinal benefit.

Natural terpenes are plant-based and can be extracted from nature (e.g., Limonene from citrus; Linalool from lavender; Humulene from hops, etc.). Cannabis-derived terpenes are extracted from different strains of cannabis. There is a debate about the process of adding food terpenes to cannabis products. If done properly in tandem with cannabis-derived terpenes, my personal opinion is that the result can be excellent. No matter the method(s) used, it’s not easy to get the final flavor right in any product, and it’s especially challenging to execute well in medical cannabis vape oil. There are trade-offs made when trying to retain potency and flavor.

I do not know the details of how this cultivator introduces flavor in their cannabis vape oil.  

To learn how you can use this terpenes data to better your health, see the Terpenes Library.

Dominant Sativa cerebral energy and euphoria at a welcoming level with a little body relaxation going in the background. I really like the set of effects from this strain. I find it to be a wonderful daytime med that I can function on in low and moderate doses. Often times, the high of vape oil can be “flat” and one-dimensional. I found this set of effects to be more nuanced and closer to the flower. Versatile, approachable and worth seeking out.        

Duration of Effects:
1.5- 2+ hours, depending on dosage

May Help With:
Helped with fatigue and mood. May also help with anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, migraines appetite (and more)

Rating: 4/5
Excellent translation of effects and very good flavors, along with superior performance and reliability.

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