Caramelized Chocolate Marshmallow Graham 25mg

Case: Caramelized Chocolate Marshmallow Graham 25mg (flower)  


File Date: 11/06/2018

Case No: 0238

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Type: Hybrid, type unknown

Genotype:  Not a strain specific product

Cresco Labs and Mindy Segal

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$16 + tax

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Caramelized White Chocolate, Sugar, Flour, Salt, Gelatin, Vanilla Extract, Eggs, Milk, Honey, Baking Powder, Cannabis Oil

Nutritional Facts:
Serving Size 1 square. 4 Servings per bar. Amount Per Serving: Calories 48, Total Fat 3g (3%dv), Saturated Fat 1.6g (8%dv), Cholesterol 2mg (1%dv), Sodium 7mg (0%dv), Carbohydrates 5.7g (2%dv), Sugars 5.3g, Protein 0g. Not a significant source of Calories from Fat, Dietary Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.

Cannabinoids Profile for Each Pop:
THCa 0mg; THC 6.25mg; CBDa 0mg; CBD 5.93mg (ACT Labs)

Total Cannabinoids Profile:
THC 24.99mg; CBD 23.73mg   
That’s a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD.

Physical Characteristics:
As you can see from the photo, this is a caramel-colored chocolate bar topped with mini-marshmallows and pieces of graham cracker.

Flavor Profile:
It reminded me of a smores minus the traditional dark or milk chocolate component. The chocolate tasted like caramel, combined with the graham cracker flavor and crunchy texture and the soft mini-marshmallow. I thought the combined flavors worked well together and the ingredients were high quality.

Dosage Taken:
4 squares (1 total bar), or about 25mg THC and 24mg CBD

Time Elapsed Before Feeling Effects:
1 hour  45 minutes

Total Duration of Effects:
3 hours  0 minutes

These effects had quite a delay before onset. The high itself felt about like an even split. Its peak intensity lasted for about an hour, though the effects lingered for quite a while. In general, it was a mellow experience that leaned a bit to the body side of things for me.   

NOTE: To be equitable, effects and potency are assessed within the context of a 25mg THC dose only, not whether this specific dosage is therapeutically strong enough or not for the reviewer.     

Potency Scale for Experienced Imbibers: 


IMPORTANT: The effects, duration and peak times will vary from patient to patient, sometimes significantly. The effects described in this review will not necessarily always reflect the experiences of others. Please be responsible when using edibles. The #1 reason for a bad experience is being impatient and over-medicating. For more information, see About Edibles and How to Safely Consume Them.

May Help With:
Helped with G.I. cramps. May also help mood, mild aches and pains, sleep  (and more)

As a food product, I found this edible to be very good, though the effects were a bit flat.   

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