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CBDv - Cannabidivarin

Possible Therapeutic Effects

NOTE: Categorized as a "Minor" cannabinoid in cannabis. 

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Cannabidivarin, or CBDv, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that was first discovered in 1969. It took more than 40 years for CBDv to first be studied in animals. In 2012, anticonvulsant effects of CBDv on two in-vitro models and four rodent models of epilepsy were demonstrated. While CBDv research is underway, it is still in its infancy. In my research, I found the least amount of information available about CBDv compared with the other cannabinoids.

NOTE: CBDv is found in higher concentrations in Indica and Indica landrace strains. 

Similarly to THCv and its molecular relationship to THC, CBDv is referred to as a "homologue" of CBD, which means they belong to a series of chemical compounds that are only slightly different from each other. In this case, CBDv has a propyl (3-carbon) side chain instead of a pentyl (5-carbon) group like CBD. 

-may help with gastrointestinal inflammation. Study 1

-may be an anticonvulsant. Study 1.

-may help with epilepsy. Study 1. Study 2. Study 3.

-may help reduce nausea. Study 1


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