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Champion City Chocolate Live Sauce

"Spinning Away" By John Cale and Brian Eno

Method of Extraction: Butane

Form: Live Sauce, though this sample resembled diamonds and sauce​

What is “Live Resin”?
Live Resin is a specific type of cannabis extract whereby fresh cannabis flowers (i.e., buds not yet dried and cured) are harvested at their apex of maturity, cryogenically flash frozen under very cold temperatures and then used as the extraction material in the manufacturing process of that extract. The process of manufacturing Live Resin is an effort to retain as much of the fresh terpenes (and cannabinoids) from the cannabis and capture them in the final product to provide a more complete terpene profile experience.

Indica-Dominant Hybrid (breakdown unknown) ​

Genotype:  Champion City Chocolate  =  A backcross of Chcolate OG   

This is PTS' exclusive, in-house bred strain that pays homage to The City of Champions - East St. Louis from which PTS operates. ). It's based on Chocolate OG genetics and this is a 3rd backcross cut. 

Progressive Treatment Solutions (PTS)

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Manufactured On:
09/27/2019 ​

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$60.00 + tax

Cannabinoids Profile
: THCa 81.02%; THC 10.20%; CBDa 0%; CBD 0% (ACT Labs)

TIPTo learn how you can use this cannabinoids data to better your health, see the Cannabinoids Library

Physical Characteristics
: Saucy and stacked with crystals.​

Terpene Profile: : I did not request the lab report for this sample so I will not be providing specific terpene levels. 

In its intact state, this extract emitted light cheese and sweet cocoa. When dabbed, on my palate this live sauce tasted like cocoa combined with an Island Sweet Skunk-like sweetness.     
       Flavor Intensity: 2.25    [1 Low; 2 Moderate; 3 High]

TIPS: Low temperature dabbing is mandatory to achieve the most flavorful and potent experience. To learn about terpenes, see the Terpenes Library.  

Effects: These effects can best be summed up as potent Indica stone that you can function on in lower doses but will make you melt at higher doses. There’s also a competing cerebral euphoria that accompanies the body high. 

2.5-3.5+ hours    

May Help With:
Helped with mood and sleep. May also help a wide range of pain management, stress, anxiety, mood, appetite (and more).​

Rating: 4.5/5
A unique set of terpenes along with a potent set of medicinal effects.

NOTE: For details about this 1-5 Rating Scale, click here.

Case: Champion City Chocolate Live Sauce (extract)  


File Date: 12/04/2019

Case No: 0323