Chemnesia Pre-Roll Joint

Case: Chemnesia Pre-Roll (1g joint)  


File Date: 08/10/2016

Case No: 0037

Form: This product is a 1 gram, pre-rolled joint

: Sativa-dominant Hybrid (breakdown unknown)

 Chemnesia  =  Amnesia X  Sour Diesel  X  I-95  

(Original) Amnesia = Haze X Northern Lights   -  a very popular & potent Dutch strain                 

I95 = Triangle Kush X (Legend OG X Stardawg)

Cultivator: Bedford Grow

Date Purchased
: 08/05/2016

Cannabinoids Profile
THCa 29.23%; THC 1.19%; CBDa .12%; CBD .09% (LK Pure Labs)

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Phenotype Profile
: N/A   This review is for a pre-rolled joint

Terpene Profile
: When I pulled on the joint in its unlit form, there was a mild taste of sour lemon and very light hard candy notes. Once smoked, a wonderful and distinct spicy and sweet-pungent Haze flavor profile takes over and a soft sourness pops up on the exhale.

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: A very potent sativa expression with a trippy element to it. Lots of energy, intensity and euphoria with a little spaciness to boot. If you’re smoking this jay alone, you’ll probably be putting it out sooner rather than later. Good chance of inducing uneasy feelings so first-timers should avoid or go slow and be cautious.    

Duration of Effects
: 2+ hours  

: For this reviewer, the key quality indicators for a pre-roll are intensity of flavor and accurate level of potency, which for an experienced user can indicate freshness and quality of the plant material used.  

This joint was a little on the dry side, but still expressed very good level of freshness in flavor and potency.

May Help With
: Helped with mood and fatigue. May also help with stress, depression, appetite, mild body and nerve pain, headaches and migranes (and more)

Within the context of a pre-roll, this product gets very high marks for the interesting strain selection, complex Haze flavors and strong psychedelic potency. Perfect for the adventurous and experienced. The key to a good pre-roll besides quality flower is freshness. 

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product photo. A 1 gram joint with a filter leans up against a stainless steel Colibri brand lighter.
product packaging. A five inch white plastic tube with a green pop top.