product photo. An eye level shot of one large long bright medium-green and sage colored bud with plenty of trichrome development, many orange hairs throughout and dark green sugar leaves.


Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid (Typically about evenly split)

Chi Haze  =  A proprietary phenotype of 303 Headband

303 Headband = OG Kush X Sour Diesel                           *Some varieties of Headband include Master Kush, too

The inside scoop: Chi Haze is a phenotype of 303 Headband. The experts at PTS observed that the Chi Haze was clearly a different phenotype when grown - it looked and smelled different from the other Headband plants. This is why PTS made the decision to rename the crop as a new phenotype - Chi Haze.     

Purchase Date: 5/10/2016

Progressive Treatment Solutions (PTS)

Delivery Method Used: Clean glass pipe

Cannabinoids Profile: THCa 21.58%; THC .21%; CBDa .26%; CBD.08% CBN .09 (Lab:LK Pure)

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Phenotype Profile: Dense, bright medium-green and sage colored buds with plenty of trichrome development, many orange hairs throughout with very dark green sugar leaves.

         Bud Density: 4    [1-5]

Terpene Profile: In its intact bud form, this sample was pungent with citrus and sour and light fuel notes. Once ground, it smelled strongly of pungent citrus, pine with earthy undertones. On the inhale, it was pungent and earthy. On the exhale, it tasted earthy with noticeable sweet hash and mild sour notes.

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Effects: Starts out as a powerful, trippy cerebral experience that envelops your crown and fogs up the glasses, so to speak. The effects are fairly balanced, though favoring the cerebral a little. This is not a focused sativa high but rather a spacey, wandering high that creeps up quickly but stays for a while. 

Duration of Effects: 2 hours

May Help With: migraines, muscle spasms, stress, depression, bi-polar disorder, appetite, insomnia, nausea, minor body and nerve pain (and more)

This PTS sample was outstanding in all areas, from attentive bud selection to ‘just-right’ curing. 

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Chi Haze Flower

product packaging. A three inch high white plastic pill bottle with a pop top.

Case: Chi Haze (Flower)  


File Date: 05/15/2016

Case No: 0003