About Elemene: There are 4 different classes, or sequesterpenes, with Beta-Elemene being the most prevalent in plants. Elemenes are known to contribute to the floral aromas of some plants and are used as pheromones by some insects.

NOTE: Categorized as a  'secondary' terpene in cannabis.

Possible Medicinal Properties:  Beta-Elemene has attracted scientific interest because of its existence in many medicinal plants. Experiments performed in vitro show that Beta-Elemene has anti-proliferative effects toward some cancer cell types, though much more scientific study is needed with more rigorous methods and larger groups.

Scent Profile:  herbal, waxy

Found In (partial list):  Beta-elemene is a compound found in plants such as celery, mint, allspice, anise fruit, basil, dill, ginger, lemongrass, some strains of cannabis and many other herbs and plants. ​

C        H      

15      24     


Flavor Profile: Not typically used for flavor. I could not find any information on a flavor profile for this terpene.