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Case: G6 - 2106 Batch (Flower)  


File Date: 05/01/2016

Case No: 0001

product photo. An eye level shot of very sticky and frosty light green and sage colored buds with large calyxes and orange hairs throughout.

G6 - 2016 Batch: My Big Foot

First things first. You’re probably wondering what makes me a mary jane expert? Fair question. Well, how about thirty-plus years of getting all manner of hippy scum like you off the streets of my America?

Case #00101 is personal for me. It’s my snow leopard, my signed first cut of Lethal Weapon, my bigfoot, if you will. It’s like your miserable double rainbow but completely different, punk. Here one moment, gone the next. Elusive, mystical, powerful. That’s right; I’m referring to the G6 strain, aka Jet Fuel. Now, I've had enough of you blazers in the back of my cruiser to know you’ve got the attention span of spent ammo, so try to keep up.

I’ve recently confirmed with my deep cover that
303 Seedsis the original mastermind of G6. My sources tell me the ‘G6’ name was inspired by some spoiled brat’s Gulfstream model G650. It’s also called Jet Fuel because of its powerful sativa jolt and diesel lineage. As you can see, the evidence photos I’ve submitted really say it all. I can’t disclose any more operational details without compromising my CIs, although I’ve been authorized to share with the public the following...


Type: Sativa-dominant Hybrid

G6  =  Aspen OG X High Country Diesel      

[SFV OG Kush X (Original Sour D X G13 Haze)] X (Original D X East Coast Sour Diesel)

Ataraxia / Gold Leaf Brand

Delivery Method Used: Clean glass pipe

Cannabinoids Profile: THCa 25.73%; THC 0%; CBDa .65%; CBD 0% (LK Pure)

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Phenotype Profile: Medium density, very sticky, light green and sage colored buds with large calyxes and orange hairs throughout.

         Bud Density: 4    [1-5]

Terpene Profile:
Bisabolol 0.0664%; Beta-Caryophyllene 0.4832%; Alpha-Humulene 0.1786%; Limonene .3801%; Linalool 0.1331%; Beta-Myrcene 0.4386%; Nerolidol 0.0482%; Alpha-Pinene 0.0652%; Beta-Pinene 0.1013% (ACT Labs)

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This strain has complex aromatic & flavor profiles. In its intact bud form, it smells primarily of fuel and mild sweet berry notes. In its ground form, G6 reveals its hidden aromas of fuel up front with a stronger pungency and the addition of pine. The taste is just as complex, with pungent fuel, pine and fruitiness on the exhale.

Effects: Instantaneous and very intense cerebral high accompanied by a mild body effect in the background. This strain has a lot of staying power.

Duration of Effects: 2+ hours

May Help With: appetite, stress, anxiety, mood, fatigue, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, creativity booster, some forms of referred nerve pain, mild body pain, insomnia (and more)

Rating: 5+/5
This was a textbook example of G6 in every way.
Update: After two years, this flower has proven to be a 1%er in the state of Illinois and deserves my 5-plus rating.  

NOTE: For details about this 1-5 Rating Scale, click here.


Now that I’ve pulled back the curtain on G6, it’s just a matter of time before I take the whole. damn. thing. down!

And remember, the next time you turn around, turn around again ...'cause I’ll be there.

-Officer Dick Downey, Badge #710