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NOTE: Categorized as a  'Primary' terpene in cannabis.

Possible Medicinal Properties Geraniol is currently being studied for its possible abilities to inhibit cell growth in cancerous tumors

Flavor Profile  rose water with fruity peach-like notes


C        H        O

Scent Profile rose with citrus and citronella nuances

Geraniol has the same chemical formula as Isopulegol, but a different molecular structure. It's known as a plant-based mosquito repellant. 

Geraniol May Help in Treating Or in Acting As:

pain reliever

anti-fungal: Study 1; Study 2; Study 3

topical drug enhancer

10      18

Found In (partial list):  rose, geraniums, lemongrass, citronella​, palmarosa, lemon, bergamot, cannabis