Case: Ghost Train Haze (flower)  


File Date: 06/06/2016

Case No: 0014

When Officer Downey was just a little deputy, the Erie-PA line ran right behind my backyard. The locals said that on some stormy nights a phantom train would pass through, transporting demons on its way to Hell. They said that if you listened closely, you could hear their demonic screams in the night as the train passed by.

One particularly nasty evening, I was staring hard out of the kitchen window through the sideways rain at the tracks out back, waiting for that ghost train to pass by, when my mother and I suddenly jumped from the crash of our front door being kicked in and the dark silhouette of a tall figure standing in the doorway. The man came into the light, sat down at the kitchen table and demanded a ham sandwich. My mother was panicked. The man looked at me with these crazy black eyes and said, “Hey kid, come here.” Before I could move, he reached out, grabbed me and set me on his wet lap. I was horrified. The man took out his soaked wallet and retrieved a $10 bill. He asked me if I knew what it was. I said it was money, and he responded, “Damn straight it is.” He showed me a photo of a pretty girl and proclaimed, “That’s my girlfriend. She lives in California. I’m going to visit her.” The man then stood up, took off his shoes, shuffled over to the living room couch and laid down.

My mother told the man we had to go down to the basement to get the cold cuts. We then promptly got the hell out of there through the basement entrance. We ran to the neighbors and called the cops.

The officers found the intruder snoring on our couch. Come to find out, several days prior the man had escaped from a mental institution for the criminally insane. And that photo in his wallet was just a model's face he cut out of a magazine. I never did see that ghost train as a kid.     


Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid (75%/25%)

Genotype:  Ghost Train Haze  =  Neville’s Wreck  X  Ghost OG

Neville’s Wreck = Arcata Trainwreck X Neville’s Haze

Ghost OG = Unknown, but is believed to be a true Kush strain from the Kush mountains

Original breeder is Rare Dankness

2014 High Times CC 1st Place Sativa winner & 2013 High Times CC Medical Sativa 2nd Place winner. It is also a winner of High Times’ Strongest Strains on Earth. 

Cultivator: Ataraxia

Date Purchased: 06/2/2016

Delivery Method Used: Clean glass pipe

Cannabinoids Profile: THCa .50%; THC 23.06%; CBDa 0%; CBD 0% (ACT Labs)

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Phenotype Profile: True connoisseur level physical characteristics. The buds are uncharacteristically dense for a dominant Sativa, which is one of this strain’s trademarks. These sticky nugs were a mix of greens with dark specks of sugar leaves, plenty of orange hairs throughout and loaded with trichomes. There is even a tinge of brownish-yellow that is visible in some of the buds.

         Bud Density: 4   [1-5]

Terpene Profile: Extreme dankness on a whole other level. The aromas emitted from the intact buds are a stunning & complex combination of powerful haze sweetness, spice, hash and herbal and floral notes encapsulated in a light, sweet pungency. Once ground, the OG characteristics of pungent pine and earthiness come through. The flavor profile tends to express the earthy pine of the OG but with a distinct herbal-sweetness, especially on the exhale. The smoke was very smooth and the flavors tended to coat the mouth and linger.

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Effects: Even though this strain leans heavily Sativa, its high is not a direct translation; there is a present Indica component. The effects are complex, just like all the other markers for this strain. The high is ‘adventurous’ and somewhat reminiscent of a chemdawg spaciness with the clean energy of a high quality haze. To translate: You may lose track of time over a deep thought that, at some point, spins out into pure nothingness.

Duration of Effects: 2+ hours

May Help With: relief of symptoms of cancer, appetite, depression, PTSD, stress, intraocular pressure, ADD or ADHD (in low doses), minor to moderate body pain, nerve pain (and more)

Notes: People with panic or anxiety conditions and first-timers may want to avoid this strain because of its tendency to illicit deep thoughts and introspection in some people.

Rating: 5+/5
This sample broke the rating scale! Connoisseur on every level. Perfect example of this strain.

UPDATE: 9 months later and the empty container is still dank.

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Take a ride on the ghost train, if you dare.

And remember, the next time you turn around, turn around again ...'cause I’ll be there.

-Officer Dick Downey, Badge #710

product packaging. A four inch high wide mouth pill bottle with a pop top.
product photo. An eye level shot of three sticky nugs that are a mix of greens with dark specks of sugar leaves, plenty of orange hairs throughout and loaded with trichomes. There is even a tinge of brownish-yellow that is visible in some of the buds.

Ghost Train Haze: Demons Passing Through