Gorilla Cookies Live Resin: A Product Debut

product photo. A close up shot of this fresh, scoopable, caramel-orange extract with purée consistency.
product packaging. A white ziplock pouch.

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Case: Gorilla Cookies Live Resin (extract)  


File Date: 11/14/2017

Case No: 0156


What we've got here is a review of Justice Grown's first extract release in Illinois. 

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Method of Extraction: Butane

Live Resin

What is “Live Resin”?
‘Live Resin’ is a specific type of cannabis extract whereby fresh cannabis flowers (i.e., buds not yet dried and cured) are harvested at their apex of maturity, cryogenically flash frozen under very cold temperatures and then used as the extraction material in the manufacturing process of that extract. The process of manufacturing Live Resin is an effort to retain as much of the fresh terpenoids (and cannabinoids) from the cannabis and capture them in the final product to provide a more complete and intense terpene and cannabinoid experience.

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid (% breakdown unknown)    

Genotype:  Gorilla Cookies  =  Gorilla Glue #4  X  Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies  

The original breeder is elev8 seeds company.      

Justice Grown

Purchased On:

Packaged On: 11/06/2017

Manufactured On:

Net Weight:

Purchase Price:
$70.00, + tax

I do not identify dispensaries in my reviews. However, if you want to know the shop that's offering this pricing, I will provide it to anyone who requests it.

Delivery Method(s) Used:
Glass dab rig w/ a quartz nail

Cannabinoids Profile:
THCa 82.20%; THC 7.06%; CBDa .15%; CBD .35% (LK Pure Labs)

To learn how you can use this cannabinoids data to better your health, see the Cannabinoids Library.

This sample was very fresh, scoopable and caramel-orange in color. It had a purée consistency. Sorry, the pic doesn't really do it justice. 

Terpene Profile:
The top three terpenes with the highest levels are highlighted in red text.  

Alpha-Bisabolol 0.8166%; Borneol 0.0288%; Camphene 0.0122%; Beta-Caryophyllene 2.0596%; p-Cymene 0.0141%; Fenchyl Alcohol 0.2243%; Alpha-Humulene 0.7089%; Limonene 0.4186%; Linalool 0.3957%; Beta-Myrcene 0.1464%; Nerolidol 0.1408%; Alpha-Pinene 0.0207%; Beta-Pinene 0.0427%; Terpineol 0.3226%; (LK Pure Labs)

In its intact state, this live resin emitted a light, earthy pungency. When dabbed, it tasted of GG#4 earth and sour pungency against a mint back-drop. A tasty GG#4-dominant flavor profile.

Low temperature dabbing is mandatory to achieve the most flavorful experience with this live resin. To learn how you can use this terpenes data to better your health, see the Terpenes Library.

One generous hit of this live resin can literally take your breath away. Yes, technically this is a Sativa-leaning hybrid because of the GG#4 influence, but this hits you more like a GSC with even more ‘umph!’. Sure, there’s energy, but you’ve also got lots of euphoria and, before very long, you might be borderline couch-lock. It’s a creeper with a “why was I staring at my socks for the past 3 minutes while thinking about pork fried rice” effect. And there’s drool potential. If that happens, you will require a loving slap in the face.  

Duration of Effects:
2.5-3+ hours, depending on dosage

May Help With: Helped with mood and stomach cramps. May also help with various forms of body and muscle pain, nerve pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD, appetite, sleep disorders, cancer treatment side effects, nausea (and more).

Rating: 4.5/5
A superb live resin extracted from a potent strain that offers a wide range of medicinal benefits. 

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