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Granddaddy Purple Liquid Live Resin Vape Cartridge 500mg

Case: Granddaddy Purple LLR Cart (extract)  


File Date: 01/22/2019

Case No: 0253

"Till It Shines" By Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band



Pen Type: Disposable, 1-Time Use Cartridge

Method of Extraction: Butane

Form: “Liquid Live Resin” Butane Hash Oil (BHO) Cannabis Oil

What is “Live Resin”?

Live Resin is a specific type of cannabis extract whereby fresh cannabis flowers (i.e., buds not yet dried and cured) are harvested at their apex of maturity, cryogenically flash frozen under very cold temperatures and then used as the extraction material in the manufacturing process of that extract. The process of manufacturing Live Resin is an effort to retain as much of the fresh terpenes (and cannabinoids) from the cannabis and capture them in the final product to provide a more complete terpene profile experience.

Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid (typically 75 %/25%)

Genotype:  Granddaddy Purple  =  Purple Urkle  X  Big Bud

aka: Granddaddy Purps or GDP

Originally bred in 2003 by Ken Estes in the San Francisco Bay Area.   

Cultivator: Cresco

Purchased On: 01/02/2019

Manufactured On:

Packaged On:

Purchase Price:
$55.00 + tax

NOTE: I do not identify dispensaries in my reviews. However, if you want to know the shop that's offering this pricing, I will provide it to anyone who requests it.

Delivery Method(s) Used: Glass dab rig w/ a quartz nail

Cannabinoids Profile: THCa 5.62%; THC 81.04%; CBDa 0%; CBD 0% (ACT Labs)

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Net Weight of Cannabis Oil in Pen: 500mg or 0.5g

No thinning agents at all, such as Propylene Glycol (PG) and polyethylene glycol (PEG). Only cannabis oil and native terpenes. That is, Cresco says this product does not add food grade terps to these cartridges. I’ve also heard from some in the industry that these Cresco live resin carts do have food grade terps in addition to the native terps. I tend to believe Cresco because they have never misled me before. 

That said, the inherent problem with reviewing vape pens and cartridges is that I often cannot get a definitive answer from many cultivators on their vape pen formulations because they do NOT want to disclose that the strain’s flavor profile is recreated using food grade terps instead of native terps retained in the extraction process.

This vape cartridge must be attached to a lithium-ion battery to use it. Your dispensary will provide the battery and its charger for free with your purchase. The cartridge fits any standard 510 thread. To use, simply inhale. Some batteries require you to push a button to activate it, while others do not.

For the basic mechanics on how a vape pen works, see my Vape Pen Quick Reference.

Performance & Reliability: 
I did not experience any performance or reliability issues. The feedback I’ve heard from patients on the performance of this type of cartridge has been excellent.

Usage Stats: 
In general, a 500mg cartridge usually lasts between 80-150 total hits. This cartridge may have even exceeded this range.

Terpene Experience:
This cartridge tasted mostly of mild anise and purps with a light sweetness on the exhale. Very authentic and tasty flavors for a cartridge.

To learn about terpenes, see the Terpenes Library.

Starts out as potent body and mind combo, but after about 45-60 minutes the cerebral fades a bit as the body influence takes over. Classic expression of GDP. Lots of medicinal potential.      

Duration of Effects:
2 hours, depending on dosage

May Help With:
Helped with mild G.I. cramps and mood. May also help with depression, stress, anxiety, PTSD, fatigue, headaches, mild aches and pains (and more).

Rating: 4.5/5
Within the context of a vape oil, this liquid live resin is top quality. 

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