Form: Roman Candle. An “infused” joint made with flower, kief and wax or cannabis oil​.

Indica-dominant Hybrid (80%/20%)      

Genotype:  Honey Boo  =  Bubba Kush  X  Captain Krypt OG

a.k.a. – “Honey Boo Boo”  Yup, named after that ex-child reality “star”.

The original breeder of this strain isDNA Genetics

Cultivator: Cresco Labs

Purchased On: 09/13/2018​

Packaged On:
08/20/2018            ​

Manufactured On:
08/20/2018        ​

Net Weight:  
Two, half-gram (0.5g) joints

Purchase Price:
$25, +tax

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Cannabinoids Profile: THCa 36.98%; THC 1.14%; CBDa 0%; CBD 0% (ACT Labs)

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Physical Characteristics: A short joint with a crutch (i.e., filter). ​

Terpene Profile:
I did not request the lab report for this sample, so I will not be providing the specific terpene levels for this product. 

​When I pulled on it in its unlit state, I tasted earth with wisps of sweetness. When smoked, this multi-forms joint tasted sweet and earthy.

I don’t typically buy pre-rolled joints because joints have a short shelf life and dry out very quickly. However, in the case of these roman candles, the bud can degrade a little as the kief and oil compensate to some degree for that degradation, which helps to keep the joint’s flavors ‘alive’, so to speak. 

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Not as powerful as the extract, but stronger than just the flower, the effects of this Honey Boo Boo Roman Candle were a relatively powerful, couchlock Indica stone with lots of mind and body relaxation. ​

May Help With: Helped with sleep and G.I. cramps. May also help with depression, stress, anxiety, panic, pain management, appetite (and more).      ​

Rating: 4/5
Within the context of Roman Candles, this Honey Boo Boo version is very good. 

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Honey Boo Roman Candles

Case: Honey Boo Roman Candles (infused joint)  


File Date: 09/24/2018

Case No: 0226

product photo. An atmospheric shot in darkness with a stream of low light showing two small joints leaning up against their round pill bottle container.