Jack Acid: Horror Stories

product packaging. A 5 inch by 4 inch white plastic pouch with an Orange label and a logo that reads Sap CO2

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Case: Jack Acid CO2 Sap Oil (extract)  


File Date: 10/03/2017

Case No: 0149

For the month of October, it’s all about the horror. Here’s my first horror story:

I listened to this album 27 years ago while on LSD. It was a nightmare.

I don’t advise doing that, or really ever listening to this album at all under any circumstances.

“Dee Dee King”  = Dee Dee Ramone




Method of Extraction: Carbon dioxide (C02)

About CO2 Extraction
Carbon Dioxide, or CO2, occurs naturally in our environment: whenever we breathe, with decomposition, and even through ocean release. We find CO2 in our sodas and it’s used as an industrial solvent for creating everything from food extracts to fragrances. It’s known as ‘dry ice’ in its solid form. CO2 is considered safe by the FDA and non-toxic

The generic process is typically referred to as ‘supercritical CO2 extraction’ whereby CO2 is converted to its supercritical state (i.e., having liquid properties while remaining in a gaseous state) by applying very cold temps and pressure and is then used as a solvent to strip the resinous trichomes from the cannabis plant material. All of which occurs in a sophisticated CO2 extraction machine.

Sap Oil

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid (% breakdown unknown)    

Genotype:  Jack Acid  = Jack Herer  X  Durban Poison  

The lineage I’ve listed here is a guess. I’ve not verified this with the cultivator.
The Acid strain is bred by Paradise Seeds, and it is their own genetic take on New York City Diesel.

Nature’s Grace and Wellness

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About the Packaging:
This CO2 sap oil is packaged in a small, screw-top silicone container.

Manufactured On:

Net Weight:

Purchase Price:
$60.00, + tax

I do not identify dispensaries in my reviews. However, if you want to know the shop that's offering this pricing, I will provide it to anyone who requests it.

Delivery Method(s) Used:
Glass dab rig w/ a quartz nail

Cannabinoids Profile:
THCa 6.95%; THC 76.85%; CBDa .68%; CBD 71% (LK Pure Labs)

To learn how you can use this cannabinoids data to better your health, see the Cannabinoids Library.

A pristine, opaque, sunburst-yellow sample with a thick, sticky, gel-like consistency.  

Terpene Profile:
I did not request the lab report for this product so I will not be providing terpene-specific levels for this review.  

In its intact state, this CO2 sap oil emitted a very light aroma of sweet hash pungency. When dabbed, this sample tasted subdued. I have smoked Jack Herer many times, but could not detect any of its flavors. I have no experience with the Acid strain, but I could detect a noticeable metallic taste, which my research indicates is one of the flavors exhibited by the Acid strain. I also tasted a light sweet hash component. Unlike the Double Durban Kush CO2 Sap Oil, which screamed its lineage via its terps, I found the Jack Acid to be partially generic in flavor with some expression of the Acid parent. That said, this was only my palate. Your own flavor experience might be more nuanced.  

TIPS: Low temperature dabbing is mandatory to achieve the most flavorful experience. Dabbing this sap oil at high temps degrades the flavor significantly and will make it aggressively “burn off” instead of gently vaporize. To learn how you can use this terpenes data to better your health, see the Terpenes Library.

Lots of lung expansion with this one. Upon exhale, cerebral effects hit first and fairly hard. Migrates from the eyes. There’s a body component in the background. Can get a little spacey at moderate and high doses. The Sativa influence is not a shot of adrenaline, like a Durban Poison, but more euphoric and not jarring. And the body influence does have a calming effect. At low temps, this Sap Oil burns forever. You can get big hits from relatively small amounts. Go low and slow until you are familiar with the effects.  

Duration of Effects:
2+, depending on dosage

May Help With:
Helped with fatigue and mood. May also help with minor to moderate pain, depression, creativity booster, appetite (and more). ​

Rating: 4/5
These Nature’s Grace SAP Oil extracts are very pure. This Jack Acid offers creative genetics and a unique set of effects.  

NOTE: For details about this 1-5 Rating Scale, click here.


Standing in the Spotlight, Dee Dee King – 1989

And remember, the next time you turn around, turn around again...’cause I’ll be there.

-Officer Dick Downey, Badge #710