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Linalool May Help in Treating Or in Acting As:

analgesic/adjunct pain reliever




​sleep aid


Found In (partial list):  More than 200 species of plants contain Linalool. Examples include lavender, malabathrum, basil, bay leaf, goldenrod, wormwood, coriander, palmarosa, orange blossoms, hop, cannabis 

Linalool 'S'

Flavor Profile: Citrus, floral and fruity

Possible Medicinal Properties:  Linalool, when combined with other cannabinoids, may help to address pain, depression, seizures, inflammation and insomnia. 

My 10-20

Scent Profile: Linalool 'S' smells sweet, floral and petitgrain-like. Linalool 'R' smells woody and lavendar-like. A spice component is also present.

Linalool 'R'

About Linalool's Unique Chemical Structure Linalool consists of two enantiomers ('S' and 'R' Linalool). In simplified terms,  enantiomers are essentially a pair of molecules (i.e., stereoisomers) that are mirror images of each other but their 3-dimensional orientation in space differs between the two.  

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NOTE: Categorized as a  'Primary' terpene in cannabis.

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