: Indica Landrace

Genotype:  Mag Mile  =  Iranian Indica Landrace

About Landraces: In simple terms, a “Landrace” strain is one that evolves naturally in its indigenous** environment, and therefore, is absent of any systematic breeding or hybridization. As a result, the strain can eventually adopt the traits best suited for the specific area in which it develops. This doesn’t necessarily make landrace strains superior to hybridized strains; however, their characteristics tend to be very unique. Think Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, Durban Poison, Purple Thai or Hindu Kush, to name a few.

**It is believed that the Cannabis plant is originally indigenous to Central Asia.  

Cultivator: Ataraxia

Date Purchased: 12/16/2016

Delivery Method(s) Used: clean glass pipe

Cannabinoids Profile: THCa 25.21%; THC .69%; CBDa 0%; CBD 0% (ACT Labs)

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Phenotype Profile: This sample’s buds were nothing short of magnificent in their appearance. Frosty, neon greens covered in hues of dark purple and brilliant magenta with the occasional mango-colored pistil. Very firm, slightly spongy and glowing in extreme frostiness. Expertly dried and cured. A physically perfect Indica specimen.                  
           Bud Density: 4.5   [1-5]

Terpene Profile: Alpha-Bisabolol 0.0396%; Beta-Caryophyllene 0.03671%; Alpha-Humulene 0.1100%; Limonene 0.0840%; Linalool 0.0283%; Beta-Myrcene 0.1608%; Beta-Pinene 0.0272% (ACT Labs

TIP: To learn how you can use this terpenes data to better your health, see the Terpenes Library page.

In their intact state, these buds smelled of pungent fuel, earth and purps. Once ground, you’re hit with sour fuel and pine up front with notes of sweet earth. When smoked, this bud tasted mostly of purps, anise and earth followed by fuel and pine. True to big Indicas, this one likes to expand in the lungs.

Effects: A very potent, classic Indica stone. Mag Mile attends mainly to the body. This is a strong but relaxing high that allows you to unwind from head-to-toe. There’s also a noticeable head high, though it’s not a Sativa cerebral jolt but rather a pleasant calmness of the mind. For some, this will be a potent yet functional Indica, while for others it will have the potential for couchlock in moderate to high doses. Quickly but gently lifts the mood and deeply relaxes the body and soul.     

TIP: Convection vape this bud for extra flavor and potency!  See my learning doc, Introduction to Vaporizing, for more on convection versus conduction vaporization.  

Duration of Effects: 2+ hours    

May Help With: May help with body pain, nerve pain, joint pain, mood, appetite, difficulty sleeping, muscle spasms, anxiousness, anxiety, PTSD  (and more)

Rating: 5+/5
The perfect specimen of Indica you’ve imagined in countless day dreams. The complete package: An Indica landrace grown, dried, cured and trimmed to perfection. A true 1%er. 

NOTE: For details about this 1-5+ Rating Scale, click here.

Mag Mile​​​​

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Officer Dick Downey's Pot Report

Case: Mag Mile (flower)  


File Date: 12/22/2016

Case No: 0077

product packaging. A three inch high wide mouth round plastic pill bottle with a pop top and a black label.

Your Illinois Cannabis Authority

My 10-20

product photo. Three magnificent, frosty, neon green buds covered in hues of dark purple and brilliant magenta with the occasional mango-colored pistil. Very firm, slightly spongy and glowing in extreme frostiness.