A few days ago I assisted in a coordinated bust of a drug house in my beat. We seized three ounces of heroin and over four thousand Addys. Kids these days like to combine heroin and Adderall; they call it “pharming” and “mashing”. What the hell ever happened to a few beers and maybe a little devil’s vine? It was a good day for CPD.

So we’ve cleaned out the place and we’ve got the suspects outside in front. They’re all laying face-down and I’m about to secure them when here comes this--You know what, a picture is worth a thousand words. Just
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Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid

North Star  =  Star Dawg  X  (Northern Lights  X  Haze)

Bedford Grow

Date Purchased
: 11/01/2016

Delivery Method(s) Used
: clean glass pipe

Cannabinoids Profile
THCa 26.54%; THC 1.11%; CBDa 0%; CBD 0% (LK Pure Labs)

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Phenotype Profile
: Dense, compact light and medium green buds with loads of orange pistils and a frosty coat. 
               Bud Density: 4.5   [1-5]

Terpene Profile
: In their intact state, these buds gave off subdued earth and herbal aromas. Once ground, fuel up front followed by sour pine with hints of sweetness. When smoked, this sample tasted of fuel and earth with subtle sweet Haze-like notes on the exhale. The smoke was Indica-thick and smooth.

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: A definite mind and body relaxer. Mostly a classic Indica body stone but with more cerebral stimulation than a heavy Indica typically offers. The cerebral was of the Star Dawg type of spacey high. This bud might work well for some as a daytime Indica. Also has the potential to creep up on you.     

Duration of Effects
: 2 hours    

May Help With
: Helped with sleep and stress. May also help with anxiety, mood, PTSD, body pain, nerve pain, muscle spasms, appetite (and more)

A solid flower with some interesting genetics that are expressed well. This batch was nicely dried, cured and trimmed.    
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Now that’s blind loyalty only a dog can offer.  

And remember, the next time you turn around, turn around again...’cause I’ll be there. 

-Officer Dick Downey, Badge #710 

Case: North Star (flower)  


File Date: 11/10/2016

Case No: 0063

product packaging. A white, round wide mouth pill bottle with a twist off green top.
product photo. A eye level shot of dense, compact light and medium green buds with loads of orange pistils and a frosty coating. A heady red glass pipe is in the immediate background.

North Star: Assume the Position