Paris OG: More Fan Mail

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Case: Paris OG (flower)  


File Date: 01/31/2017

Case No: 0091

product packaging. A three inch by four inch white vacuumed sealed pouch with a blue label and a blue swirled design.

Thought I’d share another letter that I opened the other day from one of my many fans out there...

Hey Officer Downey,

What’s the absolute grossest most disgusting thing you’ve ever seen on the job?


Dear Jason:

Well, in my decades of policing I’ve seen a lot of stuff that would make a billy goat puke. Let’s see...there’s the mangled bodies from vehicle crashes, the serial killer who liked to behead his victims, the uncontrollable bodily fluids of the alcoholic or heroin addict, the abused woman who’s almost beaten to death, the stench of human suffering on the streets, animal mutilations; it never ends.

But, ya know, when I really think on it, the grossest, most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen on the job is a corrupt cop.

And remember Jason, the next time you turn around, turn around again...ˋcause I’ll be there. 

 -Officer Dick Downey, Badge #710  



Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid (breakdown unknown)

Genotype:  Paris OG  =  Headband  X  Lemon OG

Headband = Chemdawg X (MassSuperChunk X Northern Lights)  

Lemon OG = Lemon OG Kush X Joe’s OG Kush 

Winner of 2014 Michigan High Times CC

Cultivator: Ataraxia

Purchase Date: 01/25/2017    

Packaged On: 11/09/2016

Net Weight: 1g

Purchase Price: $20, tax included

NOTE: I do not identify dispensaries in my reviews. However, if you want to know the shop that's offering this pricing, I will provide it to anyone who requests it.

Delivery Method(s) Used: Clean glass pipe

Cannabinoids Profile: THCa 23.85%; THC .41%; CBDa 0%; CBD 0% (ACT Labs)

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Phenotype Profile: This dense, 1g bud was mostly shades of medium green with some dark green sugar leaf remnants, a smattering of tight, orange pistils and a good coating of trichomes.
      Bud Density: 4   [1 -5]

Terpene Profile: In its intact state, this bud smelled of lemon, pine and very light sweet notes. Once ground, the same aromas of sweet lemon with notes of pine came through. When smoked, this bud tasted of lemon citrus up front, followed by a subtle sweetness with a unique spicy-earth finish. A very enjoyable smoke.  

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Effects: This one definitely starts as a cerebral high but within minutes the effects migrate to the rest of what ails you. The effects are very calming and euphoric. Would be a great strain for evenings. It’s potent, but not abrasive. Might also be a good selection for relative new-comers at low doses.      

Duration of Effects: 2+ hours

May Help With: Helped with mild cervical arthritic pain, GI cramps and stress. May also help with anxiety, PTSD, mood, body pain, muscle pain, nerve pain, sleep, appetite (and more)

Rating: 4/5
A heavy-leaning Indica that offers a unique and tasty terpene experience and potent medicinal potential. This batch was a little on the dry side, but still vibrant. A super fresh batch would be quite tasty.  

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product photo. A round, one-gram, dense bud exhibiting mostly shades of medium green with some dark green sugar leaf remnants, a smattering of tight, orange pistils and a generous coating of trichomes.