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Phellandrene May Help in Treating Or in Acting As:

may reduce pain and boost energy


Found In (partial list):  Eucalyptus phellandra - now called Eucalyptus radiata, turmeric leaf oil, cinnamon, garlic, dill, ginger, parsley,  lavender, Grand fir, cannabis 

NOTE: Categorized as a  'Secondary' terpene in cannabis.

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Scent Profile: mint/peppermint with citrus notes

Phellandrene was first discovered in eucalyptus oil. Phellandrene is the name for a pair of terpenes, Alpha-Phellandrene and Beta-Phellandrene, that have a similar molecular structure and similar chemical properties. 

Flavor Profile: mint, menthol

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Possible Medicinal Properties:   Phellandrene has apparently been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat digestive disorders, though its medical efficacy has not yet been heavily researched by Western medicine.

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