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Officer Downey here. I’d like to remind all you tokers that my Christmas Giveaway Starts this Thursday, December 1st and goes through Friday, December 16th.

I will be giving away this beautiful U.S.-made, GlassLab 303 dab rig, along with a Vector torch, dabber tool and pad. 

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​Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid (60%/40%)

:  Purple Dream  =  Granddaddy Purple  X  Blue Dream

Another possible cut: Purple Kush X Blue Dream

: Revolution

Date Purchased
: 11/19/2016

Delivery Method(s) Used
: clean glass pipe

Cannabinoids Profile
: THCa 20.68%; THC .42%; CBDa 0%; CBD 0% CBN .08% (LK Pure Labs)

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Phenotype Profile
: This 1g sample consisted of a few small but dense and tightly trimmed neon green buds. This sample exhibited just a few barely noticeable remnants of purple sugar leaves. I’ve seen other examples that exhibit mostly full-on purple traits.                                  
                Bud Density: 4    [1-5]

Terpene Profile
: In their intact state, these buds gave off very mild purps and earth aromas. When ground, it smelled as assertive sour purps. When smoked, it tasted like earthy purps with a slight sourness on the exhale.

: I don’t use “grape” and “purps” synonymously. I believe that the distinct purple aroma and flavor are unique and different from what we typically know as grape aromas and flavors.

TIPTo learn all about terpenes, see the Terpenes Library page. 

: I would describe the experience as the lazy uncle of Blue Dream, so to speak. The effects envelop the body all over but without any heavy couch lock. There is also a noticeable cerebral effect that can make you feel loopy at higher doses. 

Duration of Effects
: 2+ hours    

May Help With
: Helped with stress and post-operative pain. May also help with anxiety, PTSD, body pain, nerve pain, nausea, sleep (and more)

Rating: 4/5
A well-cared for sample. I'm careful not to describe it as a more intense version of Blue Dream because it's not. Purple Dream is its own thing.   

NOTE: For details about this 1-5 Rating Scale, click here.


Only Officer Downey provides honest, unbiased reviews and gives away the good stuff.  

And remember, the next time you turn around, turn around again ...'cause I’ll be there.

-Officer Dick Downey, Badge #710

Case: Purple Dream (flower)  


File Date: 11/29/2016

Case No: 0071

Purple Dream:  X-Mas Giveaway Starts Dec. 1

My 10-20

Your Illinois Cannabis Authority

picture of a glass dab rig that gave away in 2016.
product packaging. A four inch high white plastic pill bottle with a pop top and a blue label.
product photo. An eye level shot of some small but dense and tightly trimmed neon green buds exhibiting just a few barely noticeable remnants of purple sugar leaves.​​​​

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