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​​Form: Live Sugar

What is “Live Resin”?
Live Resin is a specific type of cannabis extract whereby fresh cannabis flowers (i.e., buds not yet dried and cured) are harvested at their apex of maturity, cryogenically flash frozen under very cold temperatures and then used as the extraction material in the manufacturing process of that extract. The process of manufacturing Live Resin is an effort to retain as much of the fresh terpenes (and cannabinoids) from the cannabis and capture them in the final product to provide a more complete terpene profile experience.

Method of Extraction:

Indica, might be a landrace (breakdown unknown) ​

Genotype:  Ray Charles  =  ???    

I could not find any reliable information on the lineage for Ray Charles. Word is that this strain may be an Indica Afghani landrace. 


Purchased On:

Harvested On (flower):
07/09/2018 ​

Packaged On:

Weight: 1g

Purchase Price:
$55.00, + tax

NOTE: I do not identify dispensaries in my reviews. However, if you want to know the shop that's offering this pricing, I will provide it to anyone who requests it.

Delivery Method(s) Used:
Glass dab rig w/ a quartz nail

Cannabinoids Profile:
THCa 80.75%; THC 2.37%; CBDa 0.22%; CBD 0.24% (LK Pure Labs)

TIP: To learn how you can use this cannabinoids data to better your health, see the Cannabinoids Library

Physical Characteristics:
Fluffy, sticky sugar.​

Terpene Profile:
I did not request the lab report for this sample so I will not be providing specific terpene levels. 

In its intact state, this Ray Charles live sugar smelled of strong pine and a sweet and sour component. When dabbed, the sweetness takes over with a light pine foundation. This dab offers some serious lung expansion, too.
        Flavor Intensity: 2    [1 Low, 2 Moderate, 3 High]

TIPS: Low temperature dabbing is mandatory to achieve the most flavorful and potent experience. To learn how you can use this terpenes data to better your health, see the Terpenes Library.

This Ray Charles extract starts in the eyes and crown, but then it seems to plateau quickly. That’s not a plateau but just a pause. This stuff is creeper central. It takes about 15-20 minutes for the high to completely take effect. Once it does, you’ll most likely experience a combination of deep relaxation, floating sensations and a classic, potent high. Functional at low doses with potential couch lock at high doses.              ​​

Duration of Effects:
2.5-3.5+ hours, depending on dosage​

May Help With:
Helped with mood and neck pain. May also help with a variety of pain management, PTSD, anxiety, panic, muscle spasms, appetite, sleep (and more).​

A unique strain with a wonderful set of medicinal effects.       

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Case: Ray Charles Live Sugar (extract)  


File Date: 10/30/2019

Case No: 0318

Ray Charles Live Sugar