product photo. A macro close up shot of the trichomes.

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Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid (70%/30%)

An OG Kush backcross

Reserva Privada (Spanish) = Private Reserve     

The original breeder is Reserva Privada
(not to be confused with this strain’s name), which is a West Coast collective of cannabis breeders. Reserva Privada refers to this strain as their ‘OG #18’. It’s a multiple cup winner.


Purchase Date
: 10/06/2016

Delivery Method(s) Used
: clean glass pipe

Cannabinoids Profile
THCa 27.33%; THC .95%; CBDa 0%; CBD 0% (ACT Labs)

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Phenotype Profile: 
This sample consisted of super dense, compact medium green colored buds with dark green sugar leaves and tight, orange pistils. The bud structure was very compact can be deceptively underwhelming until you take a close look. Then you’ll notice that these little nugs stick to your fingers and just might unleash some serious dankness. 
      Bud Density: 5   [1-5]

NOTE: This batch was very fresh. “Manufactured” in late September and packaged just a few days before I purchased it.

Terpene Profile:
In its intact state, the buds emit aromas of fuel, pine and sweet earth. Once ground, you’re bombarded with heavy fuel, sourness and earth. When smoked, it tasted sweet and sour with fruity and floral notes. This stuff is very sticky and burns forever. And if you don’t grind it, it really does burn forever.

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One powerfully euphoric and long-lasting experience. Makes the body tranquil and the mind float. It's a combo of heavy Kush relaxation you might expect from an OG Kush along with a heady component.

Duration of Effects:
2+ hours   

May Help With
: Helped with stress and sleep. May also help with mood, depression, muscle relaxation, appetite (and more)

A great offering with some exceptional qualities.

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-Officer Dick Downey, Badge #710

product photo. An eye level shot of several popcorn sized, very dense, compact medium green colored buds with dark green sugar leaves and tight, orange pistils. A red heady glass pipe is in the immediate background.

Reserva Privada - 2016 Batch   

product packaging. four inch high round green pill bottle with a twist off top.

My 10-20

Your Illinois Cannabis Authority

Case: Reserva Privada (flower)  


File Date: 10/09/2016

Case No: 0056​​​​

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