Officer Dick Downey's Pot Report

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Your Illinois Cannabis Authority

Case: Sour Joker (flower)  


File Date: 02/18/2017

Case No: 0097

product photo. About 15 nickle to penny sized crappy, dried out buds are scattered about a brown wooden table with pennies and nickles in the shot to illustrate bud size.

This flower is from GTI’s ‘White Album’ collection of “Premium” level strains. GTI has a tiered product and pricing structure: Value, Standard & Premium. I paid $65 for 3.5g.

This flower did not meet the minimum standards for “Premium” or top shelf flower because of unacceptable bud selection. As is shown in the product pic, the bulk of the weight consisted of penny-sized popcorn bud. Popcorn bud should only be used to make weight in premium level bud and not make up the vast majority of the weight. The trimming was inconsistent. Some buds were trimmed very tightly while others were the opposite. The buds were on the dry side.

The effects and potency were on-point.


Rating: 2/5
I'm skipping a detailed review. 

NOTE: For details about this 1-5 Rating Scale, click here.


product packaging. A four inch tall round white plastic pill bottle with a pop top and an orange and white label.

Sour Joker: GTI's "Premium" Flower​​​​

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