An image the shows all the separate parts of this enail, including the battery, the glass bubbler, the atomizer, three nails, USB cable and a glass globe attachment.
product photo. The fully assembled e-nail is shown, which consists of a four inch high rectangular black battery base, a round stainless steel enail atomizer and a cylindrical glass bubbler.
product packaging. A four inch by six inch by ten inch rectangular black metal box with the SV white logo.
product packaging. The metal box is shown fully open with the parts in foam cutouts.

SOURCEvapes® SOURCE nail 

Case: SOURCEvapes® SOURCE nail e-Rig


File Date: 09/20/2016

Case No: 0049

Here’s a new-fangled portable, electronic contraption for “dabbing” concentrated versions of the devil’s vine without the need for a torch. This one can also be used as a vape pen, too.


Type: Portable, electric dab rig & vape pen

Manufactured By

When It Entered the Market
: 2016

Forms of Cannabis Unit Accepts
: Concentrates such as wax, rosin, shatter & oils

Retail Price
: As of 09/2016, the latest model is $199.99 on the manufacturer’s website.

NOTE ON PRICING: You may see this product being sold online by various third parties at a lower price point than the manufacturers. If you are considering buying from a third party, make sure that seller is an authorized seller or the warranty won’t apply. Also make sure the unit is the most recent version. Often times these sellers pass off the previous model as the latest model.

Warranty & Returns
: SOURCEvapes does offer several replacement and return options, depending on the product, the seller and the time elapsed. Please see
this link for details.

What’s Included:  


IMPORTANT: Do NOT use a tool, such a screwdriver or pliers, to tighten the threaded rings; you'll destroy the buckets and atomizer. Just use your fingers to secure the rings without over-tightening. 

Body (Battery)       Height: 3in/7.6cm       Width: 1 1/4in/3.2cm       Deep: 3/4in/1.9cm         
Glass Bubbler       Height: 4in/10.2cm     Diameter: 1in/2.5cm

The main battery body appears to be made of stainless steel and plastic and is solidly built. The glass bubbler is not complete import junk. It might be foreign made (I don’t know), but the glass is 3mm thick, had no visible cracks and the joints were pretty good. The atomizers (i.e., nails) are stainless steel and fairly durable as well as their grade 2 titanium, quartz and ceramic ‘buckets'.

Battery & Charging
The power comes from a 40 watt, rechargeable, lithium-ion battery, which also serves as the main base of the unit. The battery performed well and was able to quickly heat up the atomizers. It also worked for a long time on a single charge.

Temperature Settings
The biggest feature that sets this eRig apart from others is its wide-range of temperature settings. Temperature range is 200F-700F / 5w-40w and can be set in one-degree increments in either fahrenheit or celsius.

Performance & Vapor Quality:
The SOURCE nail produces nice clouds that almost rival a traditional torch and dab rig. Pre-heat time is very fast, literally 10-15 seconds. The titanium and quartz nails did a good job handling the extracts; I didn’t try the ceramic nail. The nails will need to be cleaned daily if used frequently.

I did find the fully assembled rig to be a little cumbersome for two reasons: 1) The split glass bubbler wobbled around a bit where the two glass pieces interlock; and, 2) When fully assembled with the glass bubbler, the unit is very top heavy and will tip over when placed on a flat surface if the glass bubbler is not positioned and aligned so that the weight of the bubbler is evenly distributed. The bubbler cannot be off to one side of the base; it must be aligned parallel with the battery or the unit will fall over.

I did not test out how this eRig performs as a vape pen. However, the same nails are used for the vape pen set up. The only difference is the use of a glass globe mouthpiece, which has a carb.  

For details on how to set up and change the settings of the battery, see this link

NOTE: This product may be difficult to use for those with limited dexterity due to the very small parts that make up the nails.  

Maintenance: The glass bubbler, nails (i.e. atomizers) and dabber tool need to be regularly cleaned. Here are the manufacturer’s instructions all about cleaning the SOURCE nail.     

The Pros:

No butane torch required
Surprisingly efficient; Heats up fast
Wide range of temperature control
Excellent at producing full, tasty dabs
Nail design is coil-less and fairly durable
Cross-compatible with other SOURCEvapes’ products & accessories, & other batteries
Long battery life on a single charge
Glass bubbler is surprisingly decent quality, and easy to empty & clean

The Cons:
When fully assembled with glass bubbler, the unit is top heavy and can tip over
Nails can accumulate residual extract fast and require frequent cleaning
Battery settings are not intuitive
Quartz dab tool with cap is much too delicate. Breaks easily under normal use.  
No wall outlet adapter included for the USB cord

IMPORTANT: Durability has not been thoroughly tested. This reviewer has not used this eRig enough to accurately assess its staying power.

Rating: 4/5
Within the context of the portable eRig market, this SOURCE nail is one of the best options I’ve encountered so far. This market is relatively new. There are several iterations out there from various companies. In this reviewer’s opinion, the portable eRig market has yet to perfect the product. Durability, performance and nail design are good-to-very good but not yet excellent in all areas.  

See my review of Dr. Dabber’s boost eRig for a comparison.


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