product packaging. A three inch by four inch vacuumed sealed pouch.
product photo. A slighly elevated shot of a flat slab of medium-yellow straw colored wax in a shallow round clear plastic container that's leaning on a heady glass dabber tool.

officer Dick Downey's Pot Report Marijuana / Cannabis Concentrate / Wax Product Review

Super Lemon Haze - GTI: Ready for Love

Case: Super Lemon Haze - GTI (Wax)  


File Date: 06/05/2016

Case No: 0013

With the recent successful debut of my fan mail, I’ve decided to share another gem from the mailbag:

Dear Officer Downey,

I don't know what it is that I like about you, but I like it a lot.
Down for some Downey in Plainfield.



Dear Gail:
There was a time when yours truly was pretty friggin boss. It seems like only yesterday that my 18-year-old self was out cruisin for trouble on a hot Saturday night in my mint, twilight blue 442 Cutlass with the 455 rocket, the Rally wheels and a full tank of gas. My perfectly feathered locks flowing in the summer breeze, the DJ is crankin out some Bad Co, I got a cold one in my lap, a hot chick riding shotgun and the world by the friggin cojones!

You know what? It's not your fault. I’m an LWL - a ‘Lethal Weapon to the Ladies’.  You get that, Gail. Mrs. Downey gets it. And every red-blooded American gal who’s ever met my gaze gets it too! And tonight, right now, I’m whatever lethal weapon you need me to be.

And remember Gail, the next time you turn around, turn around again...’cause I’ll be there...but not in a creepy way. 

-Officer Dick Downey, Badge #710


Method of Extraction: Butane

Form: Wax

Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid (typically 80%/20%)

Super Lemon Haze   Lemon Skunk  X  Super Silver Haze

2008 and 2009 High Times CC winner and first prize at the 2010
International Cannagraphic IC420 Growers Cup

“First created by breeder ‘Arjan’ of Green House Seeds, this strain began with a female pheno of Super Silver Haze bred with a 3-way cross of Haze, Skunk #1 and Northern Lights #5.  Arjan then bred that by-product with the more popular Lemon Skunk - a strain that made its way from Las Vegas to Amsterdam by way of a breeder named The Lemon Man - to get the Super Lemon Haze you see today.” (source:

Manufactured By:
Green Thumb Industries (GTI)

Date Purchased: 05/28/2016

Delivery Method Used: Glass dab rig

Cannabinoids Profile: THCa 63.55%; THC 2.88%; CBDa 1.04%; CBD 0% (ACT Labs)

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Characteristics: A flat slab in semi-soft ‘wax’ form with a medium-yellow straw color exterior with a darker yellow interior. A very fresh sample.  

Terpene Experience: Along with the typical pungency of a wax, this sample emitted a distinct tart lemon scent. These strain-specific terpenes translated in the taste nicely, with flavors of sour lemon and a little haze sweetness, especially in the exhale.

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Effects: A clean cerebral experience with some mild but noticeable body relaxation. Bright and uplifting, very motivating and energetic without a heavy crash.  

Duration of Effects: 2+ hours

May Help With: fatigue, mood, anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, minor muscle and nerve pain, nausea, appetite, ADD or ADHD, migraines (and more).

Noticeable strain-specific terpenes retention and a clean sativa experience. The low THC levels were disappointing.

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Ready for love. Oh Ba-by, I’m ready for love.

-Officer Dick Downey, Badge #710