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Terpinolene May Help in Treating Or in Acting As:




anti-cancer: Study 1, Study 2


Flavor Profile:  sweet citrus, lemon, pine, wood

C        H


Possible Medicinal Properties Terpinolene shows promise in helping to treat a variety of medical conditions.

10      16

Scent Profile:  pine aroma with slight herbal and floral nuances.

My 10-20

Terpinolene is an isomer of Beta-Myrcene, which means that they share the same chemical formula but differ in structure. 

NOTES: Categorized as a  'Primary' terpene in cannabis. Also known as γ-Terpinene and δ-Terpinene

Found In (partial list):   apple, cumin, lilac, tea tree, pine, fir, sage, rosemary, Monterey cypress, cannabis