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Valencene May Help in Treating Or in Acting As:


insect repellent

Possible Medicinal Properties I could not find much formal medical research on the medical benefits of this terpene.

15      24

​​Valencene gets its name from the Valencia Orange and often contributes to a cannabis strain's citrus qualities. 

Valencene has been shown to repel ticks and mosquitoes at lesser concentrations than DEET and without the toxicity to humans.

Scent Profile:  sweet, fresh citrusy-orange, grapefruit, woody notes 

Flavor Profile: citrus, orange, warm, wood

C        H

NOTE: Some strains of cannabis can include high levels of Valencene; however, since this is not always the case it's being categorized on this website as a  'Secondary' terpene in cannabis.

Found In (partial list): Valencia oranges, grapefruit, other citrus, cannabis