Case: Vector Minitro Butane Torch 


File Date: 05/22/2016

Case No: 0009

Over the years, I’ve confiscated endless paraphernalia from you stoners. Here’s a review for a butane torch, which allows you to completely fry your hipster beard while dabbing the devil’s vine.

©Vector® Minitro Butane Torch

Other Models: The Hyper and The Nitro.

Type: Butane

Manufactured By:

Retail Price: As of 5/2016, this torch is $50.00

Warranty: The Vector®-KGM company has what they market as a “No Proof Warranty”. Per Vector’s website, “All Vector lighters and torches are backed up by Vector-KGM’s famous No Proof Warranty. No Proof Warranty means just that. You are not required to provide a proof of purchase in order to receive warranty service on any malfunctioning Vector lighters. It’s a hassle free, no questions asked, warranty service program. It’s Vector-KGM’s unique way of offering a lifetime warranty service commitment to its customers. Vector-KGM is the last remaining company with an actual in-house warranty service dept. with actual lighter technicians who can perform repair services on the lighters. Our industry leading turn-around time of 1-2 weeks truly sets Vector-KGM apart from the other so-called lighter companies without any in-house QC and service departments.” “Yes, we will even service the ones that are missing few parts of the lighters, but do not expect us service the ones that are in multiple pieces. If all moving parts of the lighters are intact, we will service the lighters regardless of the causes of malfunctioning (e.g., dropped on concrete floor, used inferior butane to refill, not used for years, etc). Mutilated lighters (missing more than 2 broken pieces) automatically void warranty.

Note: The company uses the terms “lighter” and “torch” interchangeably.

What’s Included

  • Torch
  • Plastic Base
  • Instruction Manual

Like most portable butane torches used for dabbing, the Vector Minitro torch is made from a combination of high-heat plastic, stainless steel and aluminum. After 6 months of regular use, this torch and all its moving parts have not loosened, shown wear or degraded in any way. It’s 6” tall and very lightweight at 1/3 lb., but sturdy. It has a fuel capacity of .35 fluid ounces.  

The Vector Minitro torch offers an adjustable flame height, two flame types simultaneously (regular+jet), a flame lock lever and a removable stand.

Performance: After 6 months of regular use and many refills, this Vector mini model has performed very well. The Minitro model definitely gets the job done and can heat any type of nail. That said, the larger models would be even quicker at heating up a nail. The flame is very well designed, employing two different flame types at once for maximum heating power. The flame’s temperature is 2400F/1316C. This torch has never malfunctioned or been problematic in any way, even under heavy use.

Filling and Maintenance: Re-filling this torch is uncomplicated and accepts the stem from any high quality butane refill canister. A little tip: When refilling, as soon as the butane begins to “spit” at you, stop. The torch is filled to capacity. There's really no maintenance necessary.

IMPORTANT: For health reasons, you should never bargain shop for butane refills. Vector and Newport make very high quality butane, to name a couple brands.

The Pros: Sleek design, well built, lightweight, portable, easy to use, powerful flame and “no proof” warranty.

The Cons: None with the functionality or mechanics. Price point is a little high, but that's offset by the warranty.


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If you're determined to burn off all of your greasy hippie locks, look no further than this Vector torch.

And remember, the next time you turn around, turn around again ...'cause I’ll be there.

-Officer Dick Downey, Badge #710

Vector Minitro Butane Torch