Wedding Cake Shatter


Method of Extraction: Ethanol (i.e., ethyl alcohol; food grade alcohol)

Form: Shatter

: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Genotype:   Wedding Cake  Triangle Kush  Animal Mints

Per the packaging, this cut of Wedding Cake is described as “a phenotype of triangle mints, JB cut”.

Animal Mints = Animal Cookies x Sin Mint Cookies

This cut of Wedding Cake is NOT Cherry Pie X Girl Scout Cookies, which is the more popular lineage.

: Verano

Purchased On
: 01/02/2020

Packaged On:

Manufactured On:  12/11/2019

Delivery Method(s) Used
: Glass dab rig w/ a quartz nail

Cannabinoids Profile
: THCa 82.12%; THC 3.22%; CBDa 0%; CBD 0% (ACT Labs)

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: A light yellow colored slab.  ​

Terpene Profile
: I did not request the lab report for this sample, so I will not be providing the specific terpene levels for this product.

I have been dabbing Ataraxia shatters since their first batches over 3 years ago. Over the past year, I've observed some noticeable changes in their shatters' flavor and physical properties. Once thing you'll notice is that it foams up when introduced to a nail and continues to foam up excessively for a long time, even at very low temps. Ataraxia's shatters never used to foam up when interacting with heat. In fact, I've never had another shatter that does foam in any way. I do not know why this is happening, but it is a chemical reaction of some sort. Regarding flavor, no matter the strain there is now this competing flavor that tastes very odd and almost milky, which overwhelms any of the native cannabis terpenes that were retained. 

In its intact state, this Wedding Cake shatter smelled of a light, generic pungency. When dabbed, I tasted that milky flavor I described above mixed with merely hints of the native terpenes.
       Flavor Intensity: 1.5  [1 Low, 2 Moderate, 3 High]

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Effects: The high was a potent mix of mind and body, but not as nuanced as the flower. There was not as much complexity to the effects when compared to the flower. The headiness component was less pronounced, too. That said, the overall effects did express the Wedding Cake strain, though not sharply. 

Duration of Effects
: 2 hours                    

May Help With
: Helped with mood. May also help with PTSD, body and muscle pain, nerve pain, anxiety, stress, depression, nausea, appetite (and more). 

Rating: 2.5/5
While this is a clean product, it misses the medical cannabis threshold because of its odd foaming properties and unwelcome flavor intrusion that overtakes almost all of the Wedding Cake terps.  ​

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Case: Wedding Cake Shatter (extract)  


File Date: 01/10/2020

Case No: 0325